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Client Appreciation

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Becky Tahel Ben David
Award Winning Documentarian /Writer/Producer/CEO of Mannafest Media

"I’ve been coaching with Lin for half a year, and it’s been an experience beyond words. Throughout my coaching process I’ve naturally come to realize the deep importance of this work — not just when one has an obvious issue or problem to work through, but also when one is simply hoping to learn more about their ontological and emotional tendencies so as to optimize living. I found Lin after having just started a fabulous new job, and after experiencing some back pains and increased stress levels. I wanted to make sure I was heading in the right direction with work, with my budding relationship, and with my overall wellbeing. I’m so glad I heeded that call.

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David Attar
Actor/Voice Artist/Soloprenear

"Lin and I have been working together for about 3 months. In that time, she has first and foremost become a friend and someone I have grown to trust. It didn't take long before I was comfortable sharing and opening up honestly with Lin. She is an attentive listener and isn't afraid to give succinct and honest feedback. She's gentle but firm in her assessments.

Since beginning our work together, she has helped me discover what holds me back in my personal and professional life. The great part about how Lin coaches is that she lets you get there on your own, gently guiding you in the right direction.

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Cherice Barton

"I have been working with Lin for about three months.

I've since created a new approach to my life goals, filled with curiosity and without desperation. As a result of my coaching with Lin, I am now able to view myself in a much more forgiving way- I am able to approach my life goals with more ease and playfulness. Mindfulness is key, and maintaining a playful approach to my life goals has been transformative.

I have made a major step in self-care. One that was desperately needed. Lin helped me to sort through the reasons why I could never find the time I so desperately needed for some much needed self care.

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Shannon Steckloff
Interior Designer/Business Owner

"Lin has been a true gift to work with, and I am unbelievably lucky and thankful to have the opportunity to do so. In our 5 months of weekly sessions I've had dramatic insights into and changes in my thinking and behavior. It's hard work, and it's going to be lots more hard work, but it's doable with Lin coaching me through it.

We were able to uncover that not only have I been unconsciously moving through life under the guise of a core negative self-assessment, but also much of my life had been created out of it . Not to mention the future that was being created from this same consciousness.

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Shilpa Patel
Executive Director - Media Strategy at Disney ABC Television

“I have been working with Lin over the last two months and am so grateful to have started this journey with her.  I'm constantly finding ways to evolve on my own. And I do take the time to tap into ways to be more aware; however, I never thought of giving coaching a try. But I was certainly open to it when it was presented to me.


At first it was curiosity, as I didn't know what to expect. Then it developed into discovery and learning about so many deeper layers within myself – and I actually love that.

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Jordana Drell
Senior Interactive Media Strategist

"I have been working with Lin for four months. In that short amount of time, Lin has enabled me see myself in a new way and has helped me to facilitate a change in my life that I was struggling to both identify and act upon. As a result of my work with Lin, I have identified the root cause of some of my "stuck-ness." By identifying the cause and all the ways in which it has held me back, I've been able to move forward and show up in new ways. Additionally through my work with Lin, I can see how my negative self-talk has been holding me back. While the negativity still sneaks in, I can recognize it and dismiss it in a way that I have never been able to in the past. I am being more mindful of my body and the way I feel at different times. I am being more mindful of my actions and how I am being perceived in the world and taking action where I would have not taken action previously.

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Taylor LeBaugh

"Coach really is the perfect word for who Lin has been for me. Always insightful. I’ve been working with her for a little over 2 months now.

The biggest expansion in my awareness is my relationship to new challenges and change.  I've become more aware of how it is I deal with new challenges. My default was to resist, which created a lot of stress, which then would turn into me believing that maybe this new thing wasn't something that I really wanted to do. In reality, it was the stress that I did not like and it was my relationship to new challenges that I had to become aware of and accept.

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Pam Lim
Personal Assistant

"Lin is a kind, warm, generous, authentic and empathetic coach. My sessions with Lin were precious to me. I felt safe and secure to open up to my journey of self-actualisation.

Just by speaking to Lin, sharing my internal conversations with her around the issue of analysis-paralysis helped me gain clarity to see where I was stopping myself and this clarity helped me work through the analysis-paralysis rather than continuing to sweep the issues under the proverbial carpet of denial.

Having sessions with Lin helped bring to life the possibility that I have the ability to take action and this new awareness launched me forward to overcome self-doubt. I found myself empowered to muster the courage to take action.

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Yifat Shmilovich
Senior Community Director at LivingQ/Yoga Teacher

"I started working with Lin two months ago and in the beginning, I wasn't really sure how this coaching program was going to work or what it would look like and exactly what we we're going to do. I knew that I needed and wanted support to achieve my goals. When Lin and I started our sessions, the first thing that we did was to help me organize my thoughts, organize my goals and get clear on why I want to achieve my goals. From there we asked deeply profound questions about all areas of my life. And slowly we started to peel, layer by layer, digging into finding what's stopping me from achieving my goals. What's stopping me from being who I want to be.

Ready to dive deeper into your inner-world? Reach out and tell me: what's keeping you from creating what you want for your life? What's in the way of you being the best you? What's holding you back?

 Austin, Texas | | Tel: 512.862.4999

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