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David Attar
Actor/Voice Artist/Soloprenear

"Lin and I have been working together for about 3 months. In that time, she has first and foremost become a friend and someone I have grown to trust. It didn't take long before I was comfortable sharing and opening up honestly with Lin. She is an attentive listener and isn't afraid to give succinct and honest feedback. She's gentle but firm in her assessments.

Since beginning our work together, she has helped me discover what holds me back in my personal and professional life. The great part about how Lin coaches is that she lets you get there on your own, gently guiding you in the right direction. This new awareness has opened up my heart to let in the joy and beauty of my work, my relationships and see my struggles as obstacles that can be overcome with the right kind of work.

Creating new lenses are at the core of Lin's work. In my life, I've always carried with me a lot of shame. Working with Lin, I've been able to give it a name and recognize when I slip on that lens, take a pause and adjust the lens to one that is truer and kinder. The new lens I see the world with is one of opportunity for growth and understanding. I am calmer and not as reactionary to things that are outside of my control. Most importantly I've steered myself away from toxic situations by changing the lens in which I see that moment in and looking at moments as opportunities. The impact has brought clarity and intention into my life.

The work has only just begun. I look forward to going deeper and crystallizing my understanding of myself and my relation to my work and others. As the work has only just begun, so has the healing. As a result of my coaching with Lin, I experienced an incredibly cathartic moment when I was able to come to terms with my shame, sit with it and become aware of exactly where it resides in my body.

Lin's ability to listen and share is a gift that she shares without ego and it’s been a gift in my life.

Meet Lin with an open heart and enjoy where the journey takes you.

Thank you! Glad to call you a friend Lin!"

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