Understanding Change

We think we understand change and we go about it in the ways that we believe will work. Turns out, we don't understand change at all. 

There are different stages to changing. The state of change you are in right now will determine your next steps. Understanding how change works—and what's specifically in your way—will set you up for success. Without this understanding, you are siloed to the default future you are living now. We call these 'ontological drifts'. What's required is a break from these default drifts.

What Drives Your Decisions?

You’ve been being in the world as yourself up until this point. This is an invitation to stop and see how you’ve been showing up in your life, or in some cases not. To see the mechanisms at play that have you showing up the way you do. And to finally step into a new way of being that is in alignment with the future you say you want.


As part of life, you have default habituated ways of being. These default ways aren’t ‘wrong.’ They have helped you create the very experience of the life you have now. But in order to move forward or in a direction you desire, you must be able to discern where it is that you are empowered with choices and where it is you are already deciding. As human beings we have blind spots, or ontological transparencies. Until we are able to see these areas of blindness, it's Groundhog Day. 


Seeing this clearly gives you access into the moment where you are at "choice"—the precise moment where you’re empowered, and life’s possibilities are born.

What is Ontological Coaching?

Firstly, it’s important to understand what ontology is. Ontology is the study of being, as in what does it mean to be human. Ontology is an inquiry into the nature of human existence. We inquire into human behavior in both our outer-worlds and inner-worlds. When we start to learn about how we are being, we call this ontological learning. As part of our work together, we will be curious and inquire deeply into the whole of who you are. 

The golden rule in ontological coaching. This is at the core of the difference between ontological coaching and teaching, training, therapy, consulting, other types of coaching and other learning modalities. YOU are the expert and authority of you. 

Why is examining how we are being at any given time as humans so important? Because “we cannot be what we cannot see.”

What's at stake in our blindness is whatever it is we say we want for ourselves and our lives. That future you want to create requires you to be specific ways in order to create it. How you are being is the underpinning to what you see and how you interpret the world around you. The tricky part is that you can’t see what you can’t see, and you don’t know what you don’t know that you don’t know, and it’s at this crucial intersection that an ontological coach steps in to facilitate sight, new ways of seeing, new or enhanced ways of being. 


By providing new frameworks for showing up in the world, you are supported in creating a fresh observer, making new actions available, and creating the possibility for a more fulfilling life with a freer, more effective sense of self. My coaching programs create a shift in being (embodied change) through ontological learning, self-discovery, and valuing difference as the cornerstone of empowerment and developing self-agency.

Aha Moments

As an Ontological coach I will facilitate you having coveted "aha moments", those moments of sudden insight and discovery. Some of these discoveries create an Ontological Shift that releases you from your box or frees you from your limitations. An aha moment is one of many ontological experiences, and that is what this methodology is all about. It’s an experience that words can only really point to, whereas the coaching itself truly shows you.