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Taylor LeBaugh

"Coach really is the perfect word for who Lin has been for me. Always insightful. I’ve been working with her for a little over 2 months now.

The biggest expansion in my awareness is my relationship to new challenges and change.  I've become more aware of how it is I deal with new challenges. My default was to resist, which created a lot of stress, which then would turn into me believing that maybe this new thing wasn't something that I really wanted to do. In reality, it was the stress that I did not like and it was my relationship to new challenges that I had to become aware of and accept.

Since our sessions I've had quite a few major auditions that I normally would have panicked for, but with my new awarenesses I was able to tackle my work with way more focus and get the needed work done without nearly any of the stress I would have experienced before.

Before I would look at how I was feeling about a situation and blame my reaction to it. I'm now able to understand how my mind reacts to certain situations, what my mind typically wants to do when uncomfortable, and realize that in order to progress, my relationships to challenge and change needs an upgrade and I’ve upgraded. I now choose a new more positive perspective that is effective. Overall it's given me a lot more inner peace.

Having the ability to attack auditions, where you get very limited time to work on them, without the panic is life altering. An acting teacher of mine refers to that kind of work like "water off a duck's back". I heard him say it years before but now I really understand what he's saying. With what I've learned with Lin, I believe I've gotten more to that place, “water off a duck’s back.”

For me, understanding why I stressed out so much from big auditions was huge. It was the number one thing I wanted to address and overcome because it was getting to the point where I was losing confidence, I began really questioning if I enjoyed acting.

I think so often we're just taught that you just need to be positive and/or to keep practicing and eventually the stress of auditioning will go away. While that is still true, it wasn't the answer to what I personally needed.

I'm just very grateful for the life changing guidance!

If there's someone who's looking to make a change in their life but are having trouble actually making the changes, then absolutely coaching with Lin would be perfect for you!

A huge thank you Lin, I'm extremely grateful for everything you've given and taught me."

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