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Pam Lim
Personal Assistant

"Lin is a kind, warm, generous, authentic and empathetic coach. My sessions with Lin were precious to me. I felt safe and secure to open up to my journey of self-actualisation.

Just by speaking to Lin, sharing my internal conversations with her around the issue of analysis-paralysis helped me gain clarity to see where I was stopping myself and this clarity helped me work through the analysis-paralysis rather than continuing to sweep the issues under the proverbial carpet of denial.

Having sessions with Lin helped bring to life the possibility that I have the ability to take action and this new awareness launched me forward to overcome self-doubt. I found myself empowered to muster the courage to take action.

Lin afforded me a safe space to share freely and I would recommend coaching with her to all who are seeking an empathetic, generous, skilled professional with whom to share their journeys of self-actualisation.

Lin! Thank you for your kindness, empathy, generosity and for being genuine; you’ve made a difference in my life! <3"

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