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Cherice Barton

"I have been working with Lin for about three months.

I've since created a new approach to my life goals, filled with curiosity and without desperation. As a result of my coaching with Lin, I am now able to view myself in a much more forgiving way- I am able to approach my life goals with more ease and playfulness. Mindfulness is key, and maintaining a playful approach to my life goals has been transformative.

I have made a major step in self-care. One that was desperately needed. Lin helped me to sort through the reasons why I could never find the time I so desperately needed for some much needed self care. She reminds me to remain playful and grateful while also staying clear in my approach to my work and career goals. I am now able to maintain a happier work/life balance while maintaining my integrity and ambition. One of my favorite elements of working with Lin is the accountability. It gave me a new strength and inspiration to move forward on a path to a happier and more fulfilling life.

Lin is a thoughtful, intuitive and objective coach. She a creates a very safe place for me to share my goals. I am able to fine tune my goals and create a clear plan to execute them, without stress.

If you find yourself questioning your life choices and/or feeling stuck in any way, Lin is a perfect step in achieving the clarity and inspiration you seek.


Thank you, Lin! I look forward to more.”

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