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Becky Tahel Ben David
Award Winning Documentarian /Writer/Producer/CEO of Mannafest Media

"I’ve been coaching with Lin for half a year, and it’s been an experience beyond words. Throughout my coaching process I’ve naturally come to realize the deep importance of this work — not just when one has an obvious issue or problem to work through, but also when one is simply hoping to learn more about their ontological and emotional tendencies so as to optimize living. I found Lin after having just started a fabulous new job, and after experiencing some back pains and increased stress levels. I wanted to make sure I was heading in the right direction with work, with my budding relationship, and with my overall wellbeing. I’m so glad I heeded that call.

Lin has this uncanny ability to listen to the core of my being, to hear my words & listen between them in ways I never thought one could, and to reflect back to me through gentle whilst simultaneously strong words & questions some potential avenues whereby I might be potentially holding myself back. Often I found myself expanding into new parts of myself when at the onset of the session I thought “I don’t know what I even want to talk about or work on today.” My experience coaching with Lin has made me certain that even when I think I know, there are bigger ways to experience life, and additional avenues to consider traveling down, and that’s been wonderful & helpful not only in my work life, but in my relationship (which has developed into a marriage), and in my wellness practice.

Lin’s deep compassion & care for, as well as understanding of the human condition is felt through every moment of my work with her. I feel seen, heard, and understood. I feel safe & like it’s OK to be exactly as I am, in the exploration. Lin has asked me some questions that have opened doors in my mind to new ways of thinking and being, which has really helped me ease stress, tension, and darkness. I find that I’m often drawing on our work together at work, at home, and in my day to day...and it’s enhanced all of the above. I could go on, but this is already getting too long and personal, which is precisely why I think everyone should try coaching at least twice. It’s an experience unlike any other that can unlock one’s potential in unbelievable ways!

I’ve connected many dots with Lin. “What if this doesn’t go away?” Was a big one. I’m a doer, a fixer, and to be faced with a question and a potential reality in which what I’m experiencing just IS, and doesn’t need to be changed, released me of so much tension and stress. The anxiety of “what will happen” dissipated because suddenly I was brought into the present moment, realizing that what is happening is happening. That’s it. Is it perfect? Is it imperfect? Doesn’t matter.

That’s freedom.

Becky as the observer has changed in that I now have this added awareness that I am choosing how to view and perceive the things around me. I often ask myself if this is the only way to experience the experiences I face, and then traveling down surrounding avenues to potentially take a path that leads me to more joy and ease. I know that I’m the driver of my experience, and I am pleased that I have the ability and resources to make that trip increasingly pleasant.

My coaching with Lin has really changed my lens, it’s like I had a 50mm lens and could only see things one way, but now I have this dynamic zoom lens that allows me to really zero in, with laser sharp focus. I’ve been able to remove my observer self, and really clarify where TRUTH was happening and where my non-truthful narrative and assessments created space between the situation and optimal meaning of that situation. I feel hopeful, expansive, strong, and free.

I’ve committed to creating my own content, after years of hiding in the wings fighting to upkeep my false narrative of “I’m not good enough.” I’ve made more money, have a deeper connection with my spouse, and am able to really watch myself watching and interpreting the world. I have the tools to find the empowerment that lives in that space between event and my assessment, and it’s been a powerful journey to rewrite scripts! A journey that’s changed my movie, my life!

Every need and want that I set out to meet in our sessions is met, not always right away, but over time and in deeper ways. The need to BE the person who creates for herself, the person who works for herself, and the person who is generous, expansive, at ease, and free. I am becoming the very person I’ve always wanted to be, but wasn’t sure quite how.

It’s an altogether new experience with Lin.


Though I’m finding my true self with her, I don’t feel like I need her. Lin has shown me my own innate tools and abilities to doing this work for myself, and provides the necessary and appreciated guidance throughout the process -- but never do I feel dependent, desperate, or worried that I won’t get there on my own.
So many areas of my life have been transformed and healed -- my relationship, my work, and my personal passions and creativity!

Therapy was a lot of ruminating on the past, working with Lin includes evaluating my assessments and narratives around past events, but insofar as that is productive towards learning how I want to BE anew in creating the optimal upgrade of myself.

Lin is an actual angel. Fact.
I'm grateful, thank you Lin."

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