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Shilpa Patel
Executive Director - Media Strategy at Disney ABC Television

“I have been working with Lin over the last two months and am so grateful to have started this journey with her.  I'm constantly finding ways to evolve on my own. And I do take the time to tap into ways to be more aware; however, I never thought of giving coaching a try. But I was certainly open to it when it was presented to me.


At first it was curiosity, as I didn't know what to expect. Then it developed into discovery and learning about so many deeper layers within myself – and I actually love that. The coaching is truly a brilliant way to go. First, Lin is incredibly insightful, and most importantly, she built a safe environment for me.


Always encouraging me to go one step further, Lin gave me the tools to see things in a different light and be more aware of how I was interpreting and seeing situations from my perspective. I really appreciate that Lin is very calm. She has an innate ability to draw out my thoughts that I don't necessarily want to talk about or think about.


I feel like in my fast moving world, it's so much easier to shelve my thoughts and not have to deal with them. Lin helped me to understand my thoughts and the barriers and how to break them down with insightful tools. Before I started with Lin, I felt like I was really all over the place with my ideas, feelings, goals, career, life, etc. – bouncing from one thing to another.


After my sessions with Lin, things became clearer with purpose and direction. I felt I had a process to this madness and knew that I also had to make the time and put in the work to develop a plan and to get things moving forward. All of that said, I can honestly say that I get excited now before every session with Lin. I can't wait to see what I'm going to uncover or learn about myself in that session.


More than anything, I'm so glad that I took the time to invest in myself. THANK YOU Lin, for your patience, for your encouragement, and for helping me stay true to my authentic self. Thank you.”

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