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Coveted “aha moments” are ontological gold mines—moments of sudden insight and discovery about oneself and the world. Some of these discoveries create an Ontological Shift that releases you from your box or frees you from your limitations. An aha moment is one of many ontological experiences, and that is what this coaching methodology is all about. It’s an experience that words can only point to, whereas the coaching itself truly shows you.

I'm Lin


An Ontological (aka Breakthrough To You) Coach. I'm an inner-world explorer, life learner, and altruist who is wholly committed to empowering you with the unique tools of Ontology to create life-altering breakthroughs and foundational shifts in your perceptions that align to the living actuality of life; to live a life where you are at choice with agency; to have you reconfigure the observer you are with new lenses thereby making new actions available to you; and to have you suffer less and create the possibility for a more fulfilling life with a freer, more effective sense of self. 

  • Qualified Immunity to Change™ Map Facilitator - 2023 (in progress)

  • Newfield Network Certified Ontological Coach - 2019

  • International Coach Federation Accredited Professional Certified Coach (PCC) - 2019

  • International Coach Federation Accredited Associate Certified Coach (ACC) - 2019 

  • International Coach Federation Accredited Master Certified Coach (MCC) - in progress

  • Integrative Nutrition Health Coach - 2016

  • Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer - 2001

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As I often explain to clients, I am an expert at not being an expert. This gives me direct access to curiosity and wonder and helps me to help you create what we refer to ontologically as a break-in-transparency, or has you see what was transparent to you, which ultimately has you see things *aha* differently and clearly. I facilitate courageous conversations that delve deep into the core of who you are, fostering transformation in your relationships, relationship to self and the world. I’ve also been told that I’m a very specialized listener.


In sessions, it’s my joy to be fully present with you and create an effective learning setting, and while I can’t say this skill is unique to me, I can humbly say I’m highly competent at speeding the learning and progress along.


I feel most myself when coaching. I take my role seriously, and in doing so, I share my heart with my clients in an effort to create an equal exchange. I give myself entirely to the process and to each client; every session is measured by an agreed upon intention.


And we laugh. Because levity—while also doing the heavy lifting—is way more fun and creates lasting results!

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Associate Faculty at 

The Positive Movement in Singapore

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Ready to dive deeper into your inner-world? Reach out and tell me: what's keeping you from creating what you want for your life? What's in the way of you being the best you? And if you don't know - let's discover together.




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